May 30, 2018

PSA Pros

Player: Jack Moriarty (u16s) / Club: Stevenage FC

Jack was with PSA for over 2 years, and seeing him progress and develop has been brilliant. Richard (Jacks Father): “PSA has given jack the confidence to develop and improve and with their elite level fixtures he’s progressed into an even better footballer” . “Due to this, jack is where he is now and appreciate all the hard work Kieran and Steve have done, their style and intensity they produce which make their players work to is second to none and their knowledge really progresses the players to the next level."

Player : Archie Herbert (u13s) / Club: MK Dons

Archie was with PSA for over 2 years, he trialed with the elite squad when he was u11s and soon established himself within the academy squad after a few months. Archie was seen at one of PSA showcase games where he was offered a 2 year contract with MK Dons.

Player: Kyle Phillips (u11s) / Club: Watford FC

Kyle was with PSA originally as an outfield player before Kieran and Steve saw potential in him as a GK. After enjoying the role as GK, Kieran placed Kyle on trial at Watford where he successful gained his first contract within a professional academy.

Player: Robin Swinbank (u10s) / Club: Watford FC

Robin gained a trial at Watford while he was training with PSA and quickly gained a role within the academy there. Robin went there in great preparation as he attended a number of showcase games before his trial.

Player: Drew Butler (u9s) / Club: Barnet FC

Drew had a number of clubs wanting to sign him after his recent successful showcase matches with PSA. He decided after a 6 week trial that Barnet FC was the club for him.

Player: Max Bustamante (u14s) / Club: Barnet FC

Max Bustamante has been on trial with Watford and Tottenham Hotspur however he then received the opportunity at Barnet FC. He recently scored the winning goal vs Arsenal in a 3-2 over the premier league giants.

Player: Henry Charman (u10s) / Club: Barnet FC

Henry again trialed at a few clubs before signing his first professional contract with Barnet FC.